Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kitchen Counter, paint samples; tile and flooring....?

Master Bath - Spanish tile wall; marble counter; dark gray flooring - white fixtures.

Outside Palette - Dark Grey lower; lighter gray siding; stone chimney; walnut patio

Wood stove area - maple floor, black floor tile, Island Stone wall tile

Master Bathroom - Spanish Tile walls and shower, marble counter, dark grey tile floor, white bath fixtures.
Potential Kitchen Counter, tile and flooring

Slab of West Virginia granite

Barcelona Granite

Barre Granite with tile options

Barre Granite slab

Friday, September 12, 2014

House siding prepped and ready to install

Ship lap details

Drip edge stone around house in place and grass planted with hay cover

Excavator at work leveling out backyard

Smoothing out front yard preparing to plant grass - we won't have a mud pit in the spring!

Kenny - the excavator

Insulation in master bedroom

Friday, September 5, 2014

Internal Framing; Electrical and Plumbing work started

View from Master Bath into Master Bedroom

Guest Bath plumbing and electric

Such neat work on the wiring

Windows in and soffit being installed

View of all the windows from the front - and timber beams ready to install connector

Garage siding started

Ship lap construction with bevel edge for water sheeting

Ernie, Architect & Lance, Site Supervisor conferring on a busy work day

Base siding starting

Siding crew led by Brook hard at work

Base siding progress

Front Entry stairs partially installed - easier access than the ladder

Friday, August 29, 2014

Chimney installation - from the inside

Thimble installation instructions

Saf T Thimble ready to go

Tile for behind the wood stove

Chimney up to the top of roof.

Finished chimney

Chimney Cap

Garage roof from the top of house roof

Windows by Marvin

Kitchen Window Installed

The ride up to the rooftop

Garage up and ready to frame

Roofers in action on a Saturday

Beautiful sunny day to work

Roofing Crew

Roof lines on Garage and House

Standing Seam Roof on house installed

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Noon Crew BBQ's

Lance, Site Supervisor and Duda, Project Manager - hard at work!

Framing Crew - Josh & Jamie

Framing Crew - Luke & Josh

2nd Floor Walls going up - roof going on!

Wall is up!

Master Bedroom Windows.

Laurie & Leslie admire the view from the Master Bedroom.

Starting to look big - all 3 floors visible from the front of house.

Foundation Flashing

Cold Roof System going into place

Roofing is going on - we will be buttoned up in time for winter.

Equipment failure - at least it is easily replaced.

2nd Floor fully framed.